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Where have I been? And a new image.

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Well it’s been a busy first part of the year, with work and with life. I have a few things on my plate. One advertising job, a job I can’t really talk about (shhhhh) and a project that I will talk about and post some stuff eventually. 😉 But for now I will only be able to post now and again.

This character was created for a cameo in D.R. Perry’s (Honor Studios) comic “War in Paradise”.

D.R. asked me to design him with an ethnic angle as all of his angels have been designed to some ethnic group. You can check out the prelude comic for free here. I really love this concept and I have always wanted to create something that dealt with Angels. They seem so powerful and so very interesting. This book definitely explores that idea and if you get a chance to pick up the prelude. As for the cameo, I am not sure what issue he will be in but I will let you know. He doesn’t have a name yet, so if anyone of you three people reading this has an idea… I am open for suggestions.

I want to add a background to this piece in the future, so don’t be surprised to see him again all finished up.

Take care.