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Triumph Lost

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Triumph Lost
Description:I have not been able to post nearly as often as I would like. But that is the way it goes. A lot of the stuff I have done recently I am unable to post just now. Haven’t been published, printed or announced by the client. So I am stuck in a holding pattern. What ya gonna do?

Here is a piece I did a while back, just now posting it. Not sure if I am digging the piece completely… I did have fun creating it though, so for me that’s all the matters. I am still experimenting and playing with painting techniques, it’s a blast just to get going on a piece and play till your done.

Anyway let me know what you guys think.


All artwork © Kevin Myers 2007

Later -k

Link Spotlight

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Joshua Janes
Description: I thought that if I have folks listed in my Links section that I might should at least introduce them. So Josh was the first one to pay me off.

Joshua Janes is a talented artist in is own mind. Well and mine too. 😉 What I love about Josh’s work is his dynamic compostions with flawless composition with incredible colors. Now Josh’s work is great in pencil form but for me his work rushes to life when color and textures are added. Take for example the piece below, the scale textures that flow with the form are simply incredible.

This is just one of my favorite pieces by Josh there are many, many, more. Check out his work at and
Plus, you should really check out his original character Zeak Yolkumâ„¢ on

Look for more of these types of Posts, featuring other artists, in the future.



Zeak Yolkumâ„¢ Joshua Janes 2007 – V-twin Dragon© Joshua Janes 2007