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New comic on the web

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Okay so as well as announcing 71 Yards being published on comiXology (see last post), yesterday, I’m launching a new comic called Unbroken Seal. Currently there is only one page posted, but I plan on updating it every couple weeks more if workload allows. I hope you will join me on this new adventure.

Here’s a little blurb about the comic.
Waking to a world on fire, one man discovers that myth and belief have manifested themselves in to reality. Angels, demons, and nightmarish creatures openly wage their final war on each other in a battle that could seal the very fate of mankind. He must either enter the fray or be completely devoured by it.


71 Yards on comiXology

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Pick up your copy today!

71 Yards

71 Yards

Cover by: Kevin Myers
Written by: Kevin Myers
Art by: Kevin Myers
Lettered by: Kevin Myers
Price: $0.99

As a made man and the underboss of the Lucieso Crime Family, Danny “The Beak” Scicero is a wealthy and powerful man. That is, until the day he was arrested and charged with a slew of crimes. Now, the Lucieso crime family needs to get to Scicero before he can testify and turn states evidence against the family to whom he swore his allegiance.

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