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My favorite exhibit at the zoo has always been the gorillas. I love them because of how human they appear, but also how totally powerful they seem even just sitting there looking back at me. A part of me is always sad for them, these majestic untamed beasts forced to sit in a cage, so that the humans could get a closer look. It seems so unfair and wrong. These wonderful creatures should be swinging from the trees, living like the jungle kings that they truly are…wild and free. Untouched by man and living the life that they were meant to have. I will still continue to visit them when I take my next trip to the zoo, how could I not, but I will continue to see them as they should be, a powerfully fearsome ruler defending a beautifully terrifying kingdom.


Gorilla attack

Day out with Daddy

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Day out with Daddy

There is next to nothing that can be more special than time spent alone with one of your parents. The one on one time can take everyday ordinary events and create strong memories that last a life time. These same kind of moments that for a parent, with the beat down of day in and day out problem solving, might be quickly overlooked as just an ordinary event. For a chlld, can create a special day that will resonate strong emotions of love and devotion that last a lifetime. Take a moment today and hug your little one, tell them you love them and take them out for an ice cream that they will never forget.
shopping illustration

Illustration of young child spending day shopping with Dad

Fighting a Titan poster art

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DON’T LOOK!!! She has the look that kills.

For this piece I was trying to bring the light source from Medusa striking the shield. Wanted to go from warm to cool gradated out into the cave area. Tossed in a couple of torches to bring up areas of the cave and to introduce some warm areas within the coolness of the cave.

Fighting a Titan

Biker art: Caught in the rain

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I call this one “Caught in the rain” or as someone else on Facebook said, “It should just be called “freedom””.  As a biker myself, I just can’t agree more. There is nothing like getting out on the open road on a motorcycle. It feels free, but yeah the rain still sucks. ha.

With this biker art piece I was trying to capture a feeling. The feeling of of getting caught in the rain and waiting it out, but also of taking a break from being on the road, sitting back and just looking at your bike as the rain dances around it. I tried to capture a warm and cool feeling with the colors going from the warmth of the light to the coolness of the rain soaked environment as it gradated away from the biker.

Hope you enjoy.


Caught in the rain

More Gnaw: Battle World

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Here are the remainder of the character screens, a intro screen, a mock up of game play and a turnaround for Bayou Billy. This was a ton of fun, I especially enjoyed the character design aspect of the project. Always a good time creating characters. I plan on creating a project within my portfolio for this, so I can have it all in one place.

It’s hard to tell who is being reached with this blog, I’d love to hear from those that are. Let me know what you think.

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