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Game Design: GNAW Battle World-DeadEnd

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Worked up another image for GNAW Battle World game design concepts.
This time I was thinking I wanted a “road warrior” type of character and I loved the idea of the mask that Mad Max had on in Fury Road. But, I wanted this character to be completely masked. Also, included with the character screen an early sketch of DEAD END.


If you got a sec, let me know what you are thinking about these concepts. Appreciate the feedback.


Game Design character

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 9.11.24 AM

Game design: Gnaw Battle World Pt 1

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Gnaw Battle World game design concepts

So I’ve been interested in game design for some time. I haven’t as of yet been fortunate enough to pick up any gigs within this realm. So I decided to create a project from scratch with end goal being a full game concept. Mostly as an exercise and a way to garner attention to possibly get work with some gaming companies.

Anyway, I decided to start with character screens, logo and game icon. So here’s a couple character screens, there will be more to come. I’ll be posting as I go, then when this is all said and done I will post up a project page to my portfolio.

Logo Design

Logo design for the game concept Gnaw

Character Design

Character Screen for Battle Claw

Character Design

Character Screen for Haggard