Save the World!

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Superheroes are still the funnest thing for me to create. I love ‪#‎dccomics‬and marvel‬ comics heroes still to this day. Though I don’t purchase them as much as I used too, mostly because I got sick of the constant event publishing the two are into now. So instead of drawing yet another image of Superman‬ saving the planet. I decided to use a character I created for my business universeK‬ about 15 years ago. He’s nothing too fancy but I think he’s fun and is really geared toward the younger crowd. 

Call this one “Save the world”
Print available at

Created in ‪#‎Adobe‬ ‪‎illustrator‬ with some Adobe Photoshop‬ painted bkgd. On a wacom‬ cintiq‬superhero


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