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More Gnaw: Battle World

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Here are the remainder of the character screens, a intro screen, a mock up of game play and a turnaround for Bayou Billy. This was a ton of fun, I especially enjoyed the character design aspect of the project. Always a good time creating characters. I plan on creating a project within my portfolio for this, so I can have it all in one place.

It’s hard to tell who is being reached with this blog, I’d love to hear from those that are. Let me know what you think.

Kevin Myers




Gideon the Destroyer

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I’m trying to do a new character a day, just for the hell of it. I used to do something similar long ago and it was a great exercise for my imagination. Plus, it’s just fun to create.



The evil King had decreed that the race of the planet Argew were to be annihilated to make room for the people of Jage, the kingdom home world.
As the war machines arrived, the people of Argew picked up arms to defeat the evil King. Lead by the war hero “Gedeon the Destroyer” the people of Argew fought for their world and their very lives.