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Popgun! Get your Popgun here.

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Popgun Volume 1

I am proud to announce that my first published comic book art is coming out in November in an anthology called Popgun Volume 1, published by Image Comics. My art is featured in a short story written by Michael Woods. Popgun is 400 + pages of spectacular stories written and illustrated by some of the today’s biggest names in Comics and some bright up-and-comers.

I snagged the following description from Diamond Comics Distributors site.

Image’s Popgun Aims for Diverse Visions

Image Comics loads a roster of comics’ most creative artists and writers into the Popgun Vol. 1 Original Graphic Novel (SEP07 1958, $29.99), a massive, 400-page vehicle for a wide range of entertaining stories and works.

Image anthologies like Put the Book Back on the Shelf: A Belle & Sebastian Anthology (DEC05 1753, $19.99), Four-Letter Worlds (NOV04 1533, $12.95) and many others have served as stellar showcases of its commitment to bringing readers outstanding work from established and rising creators. With a host of luminaries handling the writing and art, Popgun Vol. 1 should continue that tradition.

Included in this “ultimate graphic mixtape” are stories by Mike Allred, Chuck BB, Mike Bullock, Benito Cereno, Dave Crosland, Toby Cypress, Brandon Graham, Shepherd Hendrix, Jonathan Hickman, Eva Hopkins, Joe Keatinge, Erik Larsen, Jason Latour, Corey Lewis, Joseph Michael Linsner, Jim Mahfood, Derek McCulloch, Chris Moreno, Moritat, Khary Randolph, Rick Remender, Jamie S. Rich, Mark Sable, Tim Seeley, M. Zachary Sherman, Mark Andrew Smith, Richard Starkings, Jame Stokoe, Nick Stakal, Doug Wagner and others.

The full-color Popgun Vol. 1 OGN features a cover by Allred and is scheduled to ship on November 21.

You can check out the official website at

So Grab yours today at any of these locations!!!
DCBS(discount comic book service)
Barnes & Noble
In the UK? Go Here!
Wanna order it from your local Comic shop? Here is the Preview order code SEP07 1958.

I will be throwing up some of my concept work and some page samples over the next few weeks, as well as more info about Michael Woods’ and my story… Rocket Racers. ramping it all up in November in time for the release of Popgun!

Thanks to you all for your support.


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Happy New Year!

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Meggdon the Dragon
Description: I created this guy as part of the Gimmick Dragon series that Joshua Janes and I will be running over at Meggdon is a dragon of the apocalypse when he arrives the end is here. Created in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Well it’s a New Year, that means new beginnings and resolutions. And, I have several resolutions. My business resolutions really are just an extension of what I started at the end of 2006. To continue to post new stuff, that means I need to draw more and to make my way into other avenues of illustration as well as continuing to work with various advertisers.

I would really like to get into character designs, so this year I am pressing hard to make contacts and to push my art in that direction. Not forsaking the work I am doing now but trying to stretch my creative prowess. I really enjoy designing characters, there is nothing, that I find, to be more rewarding.

So here’s to the New Year and new directions. I hope you all have a very excellent year and that you too have goals that moving towards.

Kevin Myers
“Go Fly your kite”

The All New universe

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Welcome to the new universe

If you’re wondering why the change, well, after much consideration, I decided that the old flash site was just not convenient enough for updating. Don’t get me wrong I love flash and there is flash in this site, but, I am no ActionScripter. I love the animation but actionScript is just too much for my tiny artist brain to handle.

So within the last year I have been exploring the wonderful world of blogs. Some of you may have been a visitor to my old blog site, I say old because EraserLand is no more. At least not for use as my blog.

Let me explain it all a little further. I have found that the admin tool and the posting abilities were so, very, simple. So… I got the bright idea to re-tool a blog template to fit my needs. I reformatted a template called “chaotic-soul v1” to be a blog and website combined. It has all the functionality of a website, with the usability of a web blog; the best of both worlds. I hope to be able to update this site as much as I have been updating Eraserland, which has been quite a bit.

So, let me know what you think. I welcome comments and critiques. And don’t worry, if I don’t like either, I will just delete them. :)


Kevin “universe K” Myers

Go fly a kite!