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Well I added a comics section to universe K. I posted a G-rated comic  called Rocket Racers that I had done in the past for Image Comics Popgun Volume 1. I have also started a web comic called 71 Yards.  It’s heavy on the mayhem and light on story, but this short story is serving the purpose of working out the kinks and giving me much needed sequential practice. It’s a work in progress, so I finish a page and move on, finding the areas I am weak and trying to fix those weaknesses in the next page. I hope you enjoy this as much as I am enjoying illustrating it. Be warned…this is not my typical all ages art. I do not recommend this for children, it’s heavy on the violence. Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 5.37.08 PM

Irish Zombie

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zombieSketch  zombiebwzombie

Here’s a little progress start to finish of a zombie.  Started in Sketchbookpro inked in Manga Studios and colored in Photoshop. Don’t pinch him he’s wearing green.

Arachnid finished colors

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Okay so… I finished this guy’s colors up in Manga Studio.  I hadn’t used MS much for coloring, this was my first real test and I enjoyed it.  It works much the same way that Photoshop does minus a few things that aren’t there or I haven’t figured out yet. For example in Photoshop if you create a mask, you can use your brush tool to work directly on that channel.  In Manga Studios you use the eraser tool instead.  Does pretty much the same thing just messed with my head a bit because my go to was the brush tool and that just wasn’t working.  Another thing that bugged me was the radial gradient tool it just seems wanky compared to Photoshops.  Probably just need to get use to it.  Other than that I really dug it and plan on doing more coloring in MS.  If you were curious about the app… I’d give it a shot.

Oh and what exactly is the Unbroken Seal?  It’s a personal just-for-fun project that I hope to start developing, as a web comic, in the very near future.  Of course, that means all other work will come first, so it may be a bit sporadic with updates.  Wish me luck.