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Posted by Kevin Myers
My Wife is Most Awesome!

Well, Christmas was indeed good to me this year, well actually my wife was. She bought me a Cintiq 20wsx and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! I am just scratching the surface of how this thing will change how I work. But so far, just the hand/eye thing has changed it immensely. I have only worked in Photoshop thus far but I hope that it will be an awesome change in Illustrator, my current app of choice, as well. I got to say, I didn’t deserve it but my wife made me a happy illustrator this year.
Thank you, Shannon!

Funny thing, you get a revolutionizing piece of equipment and then… you have no idea what to draw. What the? Hardly ever happens, but I guess being struck with the awesomeness of a Cintiq was just a little overwhelming for me. Anyway, my wife suggested my subject matter and away I went.

Happy New Year, everyone!


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  • Hi kevin –
    i’m seriously considering buying a Cintiq and see you have the limited edition 20wsx. i’m curious as to how you like working in Illustrator with it. all my work is done in Illustrator, and i have serious doubts about building vector art with the Cintiq. wacom tablets have not worked for me over the year, but i understand the Cintiq is another animal all together. i’ve also read comments about the 20SWX resolution being low. what do you think now that you’ve had it a little while? thanks for your response!

    your web site is fun – good job!

    if you care to, you can see my art work at the web site below. this site is unbelievably outdated, though.

    regards –

    clay cantrell

  • Kevin Myers says:

    Hey Clay…

    Thanks for dropping by.

    I build a lot of vector art myself and I was really curious as to how this would effect how I would work in Illustrator with the Cintiq. What I have found is that it is a lot more precise with both the pen tool and pencil tool. The pencil tool, especially, allowed me to create more precise shapes with less after edits. I have used wacom in one form or another over the years so I am used to working on a tablet. To me this was just a natural progression of my wacom evolution.

    I haven’t really had any trouble with how the resolution appeared. My only issue is that my mac goes into sleep mode and for some odd reason changes my monitor profile from the Cintiq20 to VGA Display. Now honestly, it isn’t that noticeable but it bugs me because it should just work the way it is supposed to work. Also… I seem to have little green flashes of light in some of the grayer colors on the screen. I have been unable to locate anyone else with this problem, so I will be calling up Wacom support to see what they know.

    All and all I would not trade it for anything and I know that my art will grow with this addition to my artist’s arsenal.

    Hope that answers your questions… if not hit me up for more or better responses.
    I’ll be dropping by your site to check out your work.



  • Hi Kevin – thanks for your reply – very helpful! i’ve been out of my mind with work and just got back to check for your comments.

    so – since you offered –

    as Illustrator has ad nauseum keyboard short cuts, my non-mouse/tablet hand is glued to the keyboard. the 20swx has almost twice the number of express keys as the 21ux – seven on each side; but the 21ux has 34 more square inches of monitor.

    i can’t decide whether more express keys or more real estate is a better way to go.
    what’s your opinion? have you been able to get off the keyboard with the express keys significantly?

    thanks again! – regards – clay cantrell

  • Kevin Myers says:

    Hey Clay… I can’t really help you with the express key/keyboard issue as I am still adjusting to that. I haven’t yet found a configuration for the express keys that will allow me to ditch the keyboard. I am still working on it but for now I at least have my keyboard back in front of me again as opposed to the side. I have some keys like undo, move key, option, command, shift , send forward and back. I am growing it as I use my apps.

    As far as the real estate goes I don’t feel like I am missing anything. I have a buddy, who has the 21 you could hit him up on his blog to see what he thinks about his. http://blog.joshuajanes.com/2007/05/08/cintiq-21–an-artists-dream-come-true.aspx

    Hope this helps.


  • Bryan says:

    Hello Kevin,

    I am thinking about getting a Cintiq 20wsx soon, but have a few questions. Someone I know with a 20wsx and a mac pro has been experiencing frequent crashes in 10.5.3 and 10.5.4. Have you ever had any crashes caused by the cintiq? Are you running 10.5.4? What graphics card or cards do you have in your mac? I have a mac pro with the stock 7300gt graphics card that is already driving two monitors so I would need to purchase a second card for the cintiq.

    The cintiq seems like a great piece of equipment to work with. I just need some reassurance that it will work on my system without crashing before I make the purchase. Thanks.

    • Kevin Myers says:

      Hi Bryan,

      I have a Dual 2.7 GHz PowerPC G5 running 10.5.4 and the only glitch I have is when I put my machine to sleep, when I wake my machine the screen resolution flips out. It goes from 1680×1050 to like a 640×480 resolution. It’s very strange, the only way to fix it is a restart. I believe it does that because I do not have a great video card (ATI Radeon 9650). As long as I don’t put the machine to sleep and I use my screensaver to give the monitors a break, it works great. I also shut down nightly, mostly for energy conservation and to give the machine a break. It’s not a perfect solution but it is working right now. I have searched for someone with the same problem but have not run across a solution as of yet. I do think buying a new card would fix it but I can’t be sure.

      As far as the how the Cintiq works for me as I am illustrating… it’s Awesome! I love it, and can’t imagine going back to a tablet.

      I also have a friend who bought a Cintiq 21UX, Link, He has not had the same issue as I. I believe he is working on a Mac Pro. You might hit him up to see what he thinks.

      Hope that helps.


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