My 15 Minutes? Nah, I’ll get more.

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My 15 Minutes? Nah, I’ll get more.

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Popgun Volume 1 has received a really cool write up on CBR today. It talks a little about the different people involved in the project and also give a brief synopsis of some of the stories. You know what this means, right? You got it; yours truly has also received a mention.

I find this awesomely cool, because this is a site that I have read daily for as long as I knew it existed, at least 6 years. I read it because it talks about all of my favorite artists. So to see MY name mentioned is just geeking me way out. I know, I know, but hey I’m excited and had to share.

Here is the blurb written up about me on CBR,

Newcomer artist Kevin Myers debuts his first published work in “PopGun,” in a story written by Michael Woods called “Rocket Racers.” Said Woods, “On the surface, ‘Rocket Racers’ is a story set in an alternate 1960s where people race professionally with rocket packs. But, really it’s about a man having to choose between the woman he loves and the thing he is passionate about most.

“Kevin Myers is an absolute joy to work with. He brought my script to life in a way I wasn’t expecting. This is our first collaboration and hopefully not our last.”

Thanks to Michael Woods for those really awesome words. (Michael- I put the money in your paypal account just like you asked)
And thanks to you guys for being happy about it with me. :)

Check out the full story for yourself, here.

Later Taters.

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