Client Testimonials

"Kevin worked for me remotely across two time zones and the results were fabulous. He is a talented illustrator and flash guru! He took our basic concepts and turned them into more than we imagined. His artistic talents make him an incredible asset and a great value to any project he works on!"

− Jennifer French Knutson- Wunderman Seattle

"Kevin is an incredible illustrator who helped us design our current AMC KidsPack™ and marketing materials for the campaign, along with many other unique designs and projects. His attention to detail, unique illustration style and willingness to work with clients really sets Kevin apart from the field. I would recommend Kevin to any business that needs design or illustration work."

− David Codding - AMC Theatres

"Kevin has always been extremely passionate about what he does. That passion, combined with his talents, make him an extremely valuable, "go to" type of employee, one I could always count on"

− Dennis Pruitt - VML, inc

"Kevin is a consummate professional whose precise attention to detail compliments a masterful skill set and boundless imagination."

− Mike Bullock - Lions, Tigers, and Bears Hermes Press

"I’ve worked with Kevin Myers on various projects over the past 20 years and his ability to create mind blowing illustrations never ceases to amaze me. I’d recommend his talents to anyone in the market for top level illustration and design work. "

− Joshua Janes - Keep Turning, LLC

More Gnaw: Battle World

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Here are the remainder of the character screens, a intro screen, a mock up of game play and a turnaround for Bayou Billy. This was a ton of fun, I especially enjoyed the character design aspect of the project. Always a good time creating characters. I plan on creating a project within my portfolio for this, so I can have it all in one place.

It’s hard to tell who is being reached with this blog, I’d love to hear from those that are. Let me know what you think.

Kevin Myers




Game Design: GNAW Battle World-DeadEnd

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Worked up another image for GNAW Battle World game design concepts.
This time I was thinking I wanted a “road warrior” type of character and I loved the idea of the mask that Mad Max had on in Fury Road. But, I wanted this character to be completely masked. Also, included with the character screen an early sketch of DEAD END.


If you got a sec, let me know what you are thinking about these concepts. Appreciate the feedback.


Game Design character

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 9.11.24 AM


Game design: Gnaw Battle World Pt 1

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Gnaw Battle World game design concepts

So I’ve been interested in game design for some time. I haven’t as of yet been fortunate enough to pick up any gigs within this realm. So I decided to create a project from scratch with end goal being a full game concept. Mostly as an exercise and a way to garner attention to possibly get work with some gaming companies.

Anyway, I decided to start with character screens, logo and game icon. So here’s a couple character screens, there will be more to come. I’ll be posting as I go, then when this is all said and done I will post up a project page to my portfolio.

Logo Design

Logo design for the game concept Gnaw

Character Design

Character Screen for Battle Claw

Character Design

Character Screen for Haggard





The Warrior and the Thunderbird

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Riffing off of my Samurai and Dragon illustration I posted a couple weeks ago, I decided to create a Native American themed piece. My grandfather was 1/2 blooded Cherokee indian, all of my life I have found the Native American culture to be such an interesting topic. I loved reading history that gave me more information about their cultures and their plight in general. As an illustrator I have always been drawn to the intricate detail of the clothing and ornate bead work of the Sioux. I loved their breast plates, their use of eagle feathers, the war paint, and just endless creativity of their tribes. 

This piece is based off of the legend of the Thunderbird. A great supernatural bird of power and strength. Sioux stories tell that in “old times” the thunderbirds destroyed dangerous reptilian monsters called the Unktehila. (taken from wikipedia)

I imagine the Warrior and the Thunderbird to be jumping into battle to take on their terrible foe, the Unktehila.

The Warrior and the Thunderbird
Illustrated by Kevin Myers
Created in Adobe Illustrator on a Wacom Americas ‪#‎Cintiq‬

You can pick up a print at my Society6 page.



Save the World!

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Superheroes are still the funnest thing for me to create. I love ‪#‎dccomics‬and marvel‬ comics heroes still to this day. Though I don’t purchase them as much as I used too, mostly because I got sick of the constant event publishing the two are into now. So instead of drawing yet another image of Superman‬ saving the planet. I decided to use a character I created for my business universeK‬ about 15 years ago. He’s nothing too fancy but I think he’s fun and is really geared toward the younger crowd. 

Call this one “Save the world”
Print available at

Created in ‪#‎Adobe‬ ‪‎illustrator‬ with some Adobe Photoshop‬ painted bkgd. On a wacom‬ cintiq‬superhero