Rocket Racers – Popgun Volume 1

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Popgun Volume 1

Hi again… as promised, here is one of the designs from my upcoming story in Popgun Volume 1 written by Michael Woods. To give you an idea of just what Rocket Racers is about check out how Michael Woods sums it up.

On the surface, Rocket Racers is a story set in an alternate 1960’s where people race professionally with rocket packs. But, really it’s about a man having to choose between the woman he loves and the thing he is passionate about most.

I will tell ya, that Michael wrote an amazing story that was a blast to illustrate. Working with Michael was as easy as pie. He sat back and let me have at it and didn’t add to the pressures I was already putting on myself. Michael approached me about working on Popgun a while back, and I am extremely happy and very thankful that he did.

So before I thank the academy, I need to thank Michael Woods. Thank you Michael. You helped make a very BIG dream come true.

More stuff coming in the next few weeks. More designs and sample pages.

Thanks for looking!

– k

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