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Navy Seal

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I sketched up this guy a couple weeks back and finally got around to inking him up this weekend.  I’ve been going for a gritty black and white feel for these inks as of late.  I like how I can just lay in lines and not worry so much about how clean they will look in the end.  Working this way is a huge departure from the well contained, tight images I have been working up in the last few years.  I’m really enjoying myself, it’s good to change it up some.





Arachnid finished colors

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Okay so… I finished this guy’s colors up in Manga Studio.  I hadn’t used MS much for coloring, this was my first real test and I enjoyed it.  It works much the same way that Photoshop does minus a few things that aren’t there or I haven’t figured out yet. For example in Photoshop if you create a mask, you can use your brush tool to work directly on that channel.  In Manga Studios you use the eraser tool instead.  Does pretty much the same thing just messed with my head a bit because my go to was the brush tool and that just wasn’t working.  Another thing that bugged me was the radial gradient tool it just seems wanky compared to Photoshops.  Probably just need to get use to it.  Other than that I really dug it and plan on doing more coloring in MS.  If you were curious about the app… I’d give it a shot.

Oh and what exactly is the Unbroken Seal?  It’s a personal just-for-fun project that I hope to start developing, as a web comic, in the very near future.  Of course, that means all other work will come first, so it may be a bit sporadic with updates.  Wish me luck.


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If you have been following you probably have noticed that I have been working in a new app, Manga Studio 5.  I am really digging it for inking, really really natural.  I don’t consider myself to be the best inker out there, no where near the top of the lists, but I would like to be.  So, I plan on playing in this app for a while.  I worked up this guy who is demanding that I now add some color.  Guess I will do just that.  Not sure how Manga Studios handles colors, but I am interested in the halftone patterns and how they work with regard to color. I have been so engrained in Photoshop for so long, it may be tough to switch up to a new program.

Manga Studio inks

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Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 11.50.44 AMhulkInks


During my down time for the past couple of days, I have been doing some digital inking in Manga Studio 5.  I really like this program specifically for inking, (I haven’t yet completed any color work inside this program) It’s really smooth and the pressure sensitivity in conjunction with my Cintiq is pretty impressive. It feels natural, but allows me multiple undos for the multiple mistakes I regularly make. That is a requirement. Anyway, for this exercise I worked up a previous sketch I had done of the Thing and worked up a new Hulk.  Once I finished the Hulk I had to add some color to him, I did that in Adobe Photoshop.