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Welcome to the new universe

If you’re wondering why the change, well, after much consideration, I decided that the old flash site was just not convenient enough for updating. Don’t get me wrong I love flash and there is flash in this site, but, I am no ActionScripter. I love the animation but actionScript is just too much for my tiny artist brain to handle.

So within the last year I have been exploring the wonderful world of blogs. Some of you may have been a visitor to my old blog site, I say old because EraserLand is no more. At least not for use as my blog.

Let me explain it all a little further. I have found that the admin tool and the posting abilities were so, very, simple. So… I got the bright idea to re-tool a blog template to fit my needs. I reformatted a template called “chaotic-soul v1” to be a blog and website combined. It has all the functionality of a website, with the usability of a web blog; the best of both worlds. I hope to be able to update this site as much as I have been updating Eraserland, which has been quite a bit.

So, let me know what you think. I welcome comments and critiques. And don’t worry, if I don’t like either, I will just delete them. :)


Kevin “universe K” Myers

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  • Kyle says:

    I think the switch is much more efficient for both the me, the viewer and you, the artist. This way I can explore the full realm of your work without having to go into my ‘artists’ folder and my ‘blogs’ folder to see the same person. I’m quite interested in doing something similar! Is it a reasonable edit if you know a little bit of css?

  • Kevin Myers says:

    Hey Kyle, When I started this site I knew next to nothing about CSS. And to my surprise, it really didn’t take me long to figure it out. There is a little bit of a curve for those who have no knowledge of CSS, but for those who do have knowledge you should breeze through it. Let me know when you get yours going, I will definitely check it out.

    And thanks for dropping a comment.

    Kevin Myers

  • Ryan says:

    yO MAN THIS iS KA! I am glad you got a website goin and it seems to navigate Rather well.There its a bunch of Click this then this,now scroll down,and take a left at the BIG L,if you know what I mean.So As Of To DAY YOU GET A RYAN THUMB STAMP OF APPROVL!!!!YAY*STREAMMERS AND BALLONS*YAY!!!

  • Kevin Myers says:

    Hey Ryan, Glad you liked the site. There are few clicks to get to where ya wanna be, but it is much more organized than my previous site. Thanks for stopping by and dropping me a comment.

  • Jeremy Myers says:

    Great Idea. This is a much better way to advertise.

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