Kick-Ass Maniac

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Typically, in comics, you have a penciler, then a separate inker, and then a separate colorist. Sometimes, especially for cover art, there is only one artist.

I like working on all the stages, because it allows me to see more than I usually see in the pencil stage. Little things that help to make a more interesting image.
For this piece, I added more to the cityscape and made some changes to the Kick-Ass Maniac’s costume. All from the coloring stage. If I only did the pencils, I wouldn’t have realized I needed to make adjustments and the inker, colorist may have just followed my blueprints and not added the finishing touches.
I think that the one artist approach is beneficial to the art.
Kick-Ass Maniac

TECC Force

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I am proud to be part of Keysight Technologies first comic to promote some of their key products. Keysight provided the script and I provided penciled, inked and colored pages. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did while creating this book. To see the completed book go here.



The Damn Michael Che show on HBOMax

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I had the pleasure to work on a couple of skits in The Damn Michael Che show on HBOMax. Out now. I worked on The Policeman sketch based on the 90s X-Men animated series in episode 1 and I also worked on Atomic Twan in episode 4. I was happy to work with Visual Creatures on creating these two pieces. I was able to do character design, environments and keyframes. It was an honor, take a look if you get the chance.